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The only two people listed on the letter who still work on the show are photographer Mary Ellen Matthews, Cristina Mc Ginniss, Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video assistant, and script coordinator Claire Shirley.

Critics slammed it online and labeled the women 'hypocrites'.

The second woman's account emerged on Monday in a report by CNN.

They said she contacted them within hours of learning of Tweeden's claims and felt compelled to share her accusation.

'We feel compelled to stand up for Al Franken, whom we have all had the pleasure of working with over the years on SNL,' the letter, which was published by NBC, the network which broadcasts the show, reads.

'In our experience, we know Al as a devoted and dedicated family man, a wonderful comedic performer and an honorable public servant.'That is why we are moved to quickly and directly affirm that after years of working with him, we would like to acknowledge that not one of us ever experienced any inappropriate behavior; and mention our sincere appreciation that he treated each of us with the utmost respect and regard,' it continued.

The photos resurfaced and were used on Tuesday's front page of the Post under the headline 'Huff Baddy'.

Huffington soon poured cold water on the idea that they amounted to sexual misconduct.

'Progressive men can mistreat women too, and it's dangerous to imply otherwise,' said one critic.'The notion that there was anything inappropriate in this photo shoot is truly absurd,' she said.Huffington said nothing of his alleged treatment of Tweeden or Menz.'Ted Bundy was well liked by his coworkers too,' said one commentator.'Congrats on this harmful, distracting, useless statement.

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