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They may be physicians, other members of health professions or counselors.Please check the credentials of those you wish to contact.

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It is hoped that this technology will be available to patients in the second half of in no way offering a guarantee or endorsement of those providers listed.It is up to you to personally inquire and specifically ask about their credentials and orthomolecular approaches to treatment that may concern you. Clinic: Synapse Africa Neuro-Nutritional Clinic Address:120 Sixth Ave, Georginia Roodepoort, AND 4 Mountbatten Drive Pinelands City: Roodepoort AND Cape Town State: Gauteng AND Western Cape Zip: 1725 Country: South Africa Phone: 27-11-760-2951 Email: carin [email protected] Site : Summary : I am a C/Clinical Metal Toxicologist, Live Blood Analyst and Defeat Autism Now!It is the concept of NAD as a medicine, which must not be ignored the needed research must be allowed, encouraged, the results evaluated, acknowledge and passed on to the young physicians of today.(John P Cleary MD)▲ Top Name: Francisco Miretti Academic Degrees/Certifications: Ph. Clinic: Acqua Address: Camoati 2098City: Funes State: Santa Fe Zip: Country: Argentina Phone: 020Email: [email protected] Site: Summary: Medico oncologo Clinico, Director post grado dolor Universidad Abierta Interamericana.

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