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I already pre-ordered Double Time by Olivia Cunning only been waiting like FOREVER for that to come out!

We’ll all be in a retirement home by the time we finish all these books. I’ll still keep my eye out for more, it was actually fun. 5 stars, couldn’t get it out of my head – lived it for months after finishing and it almost ruined me for any future rock star romance books! Talking about Kellan Kyle, I just finished Avoiding Commitment by KA Linde. Look over these, you may not want them all, but a lot of them look good.

Heck I should start lending I have tons of books (Rock & Roll and others) on both my Kindle & Nook. I loved Beautiful Disaster can’t wait for Travis side. Here you go girlie 2 BRAND new ones that just came out: Give & Receive – Alisa Anderson- ROCK Star M/FM Ruining Me- Nicole Reed- Rock Star – love triangle!

I read SC Stephens Collision Course absolutely loved it . – 3 guys to choose from, the Rock Star, the tattooed bartender, and the sweet boyfriend Great list – need to up date you on the JP Kinkaid Chronicles, though.

Oh Lord I’m on a roll now and just want to share what I’ve read Dark Secrets of the Heart- Margaret Marr Mad About the Boy- Kathleen Drummond Rhapsody- Mahalia Levey The Answer- Twila Meeus Piece of Me- Cadence Coursey Flashback- Jane Richardson Emmons Chasing Eden- Kristin Daniels Daddy Left Me Alone With God- Robin Slick Secret Dreams- Heather Peters For The Love Of Music- M Okay I know I have more and I will dig those out and share.

By the way ALL of these are on Amazon and I bought for my Kindle.

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