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It was too insecure, Jobs wrote, too proprietary, too resource-intensive, too unaccommodating for a platform run by fingertips instead of mouse clicks. With that, the internet’s favorite punching bag deflates. The company announced Tuesday that it would “stop updating and distributing the Flash Player,” giving the end of 2020 as its end-of-life date.This is what you did back in the day, I guess, starting out as an actor: you went on game shows to try to win some rent money and maybe a free dinner.Here's a 1967 (I'm guessing; it's not dated, but our hero is 19 and was born in 1948) appearance by John Ritter and his adorable squaresville haircut.Now that political correctness has gone thankfully mad, it has become less acceptable to lean on generic brown terrorists, effeminate criminal masterminds or scheming mandarins when finding adversaries for an action hero to plow through.

And when the desktop finally catches up, a full decade later, you won’t miss it there either. Remembering dozens and dozens of different passwords for different sites is next to impossible.“This is in particular true for Google Chrome, which has the most market share and as such represents the most coveted target.”More importantly, the removal of support for Flash doesn’t actually remove Flash.That’s up to developers, who have to contend with either updating legacy systems for a Flash-free age, or leaving old sites abandoned by the roadside, permablocked by most browsers.But between now and 2020, the internet does need to figure out how to deal with the remains.It’s rude to speak ill of the dead, but since Flash is technically still in the process of dying, we can allow ourselves a moment of reflection.

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