Dating the godly way endate Skanderborg

Don’t allow her to date simply for fun or to be able to say that’s she’s going out with someone.Let her know that dating is not something she should enter into lightly.Acknowledge times when your faith has been inconsistent, ask your daughter’s forgiveness for not modeling the integrity you want her to see, and ask God to help you do better. Explain to your daughter that the world’s formulas for defining self worth don’t work.

Model a life of faith in action for her, and regularly discuss biblical principles with her. Know who your daughter’s friends are and what values they embrace.

Tell her that God’s formula is the only one that works: Her worth equals who she is in Jesus Christ. Realize that you should be your daughter’s primary source of information about sexuality.

Strive to provide her with lots of accurate information.

She will likely get a bad reputation if she does have premarital sex.

One in four sexually active teens gets a sexually transmitted disease every year.

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