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Either way, the child is allowed to express their thoughts or concerns and feel validated without an argument. First, it creates anxiety and fear in the child, especially of the person who you are going to tell about whatever happened.

Second, it ignores your responsibility to deal with the issue at hand and passes it to someone else.

Of course, there will be times when a task must be completed in a certain fashion (homework, etc.).

However, many times we force kids to do something the “right way”, when it could have been done in several ways.

” This gives the child respect and responsibility for their actions.

I can’t tell you the number of times I hear that phrase when around other parents, even though it is highly ineffective.

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I have spent a good deal of time on articles on the difference between Praise vs. This can sometimes present itself in an argumentative manner, but this is actually a normal part of development.Train yourself to acknowledge their behavior without a judgment, such as “You chose to sit the other way on the chair” or “You colored the grass purple instead”.This gives them the freedom to be creative and discover things without expectations.By the time a child has gotten in trouble for something, they already feel guilty, sorry and embarrassed about it.Threatening to tell someone else rubs salt in the wound.

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