Autism dating site good japan dating site

I love you all and want the best for you and feel free to reply your thoughts even if they go against mine.

Sincerely Jesse Assistant Organizer I signed up here (even though I live in the UK) just to add that exactly the same thing happened to me.

My own advice on romance and dating is don't go looking for it.

Find something else to do such as a hobby or learning a foreign language etc and you will very likely find a kindred spirit at via that activity.

In the future, we plan on updating the site periodically based on our member's valuable feedback.

Like any new site/business, we are a work in progress.

We agree the first version of the site is very basic to say the least.

If this doesn't work than I'll actually sue them for taking advantage of autistic people. I would highly recommend aspieology if you want to be on a dating site because most features are free and can do a lot on there for free.

If you are on spectrum singles and have ever payed them even once than have someone help you to not pay them again unless you want to be on there for the rest of your life.

I have sent them several emails asking why (since my membership and access ended last autumn), but have never had a reply for those either.

I have contacted my bank and they have 'stopped' payments, which basically means the money leaves my account each month, but the bank then refunds it a day or so later.

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